OBAP’s youth-focused initiatives, collectively called Project Aerospace, are designed to provide exposure, guidance and engagement throughout an aspiring aviator’s life.

This “cradle to career” commitment, spanning 22 years, includes initial exposure to aerospace through youth-related programs, like Aerospace Professionals in Schools (APIS) and Aerospace Career Education (ACE) Academies held in 30 cities each summer.

More than 100,000 youth and young adults are reached annually through OBAP’s Project Aerospace and the Aerospace Professional Development Program, most notable for providing invaluable mentoring and career preparation to emerging aviation professionals.

Ongoing mentoring has served as a vital strategy to prepare a diverse group of qualified talent to meet projected aviation employment needs.  We are proud to share that OBAP’s APIS program has empowered more than 500 aviation professionals, all OBAP members, holding positions including commercial pilots, aircraft maintenance and flight dispatchers to engage more than 500,000 students at every academic level since 1992.

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