OBAP is dedicated to supporting increased interest and placement in aviation and aerospace careers. In 2015, the organization awarded thirty-four scholarships, totaling $221,400, to offset costs for college tuition within an aviation-related program or to further training for aspiring aviation professionals.

To date, OBAP has awarded $4.8 million in scholarships to more than 470 diverse recipients nationwide. The scholarships, made available through strengthened partnerships with key carriers and aviation-related businesses, allow award recipients to use funds to advance or pursue diverse aviation-related careers including commercial pilots, aircraft maintenance and flight dispatchers.

First Officer Robert Holmes, an OBAP member since 2001, was awarded a $35,000 Delta Air Lines 737 Type Rating Scholarship by the organization in 2010.

“As a Delta Air Lines 757/767 First Officer, I truly believe that receiving this award has enabled me to catapult my aviation career from a regional pilot to becoming a major airline pilot. This experience also equipped me with the airline procedures and operational knowledge needed to succeed.”

First Officer Robert Holmes in cockpit