Each year, at OBAP’s Annual Convention and Career Exposition, the organization inducts honorable aerospace professionals into the OBAP Hall of Fame. Established in 2008, the traveling exhibition serves as a testament to the impact these individuals continue to have on the aviation industry, the African American community and our entire country. 

These notable individuals are honored for their unwavering commitment to their careers, notwithstanding trials and many triumphs.

To nominate an accomplished pioneer in aviation for the OBAP Hall of Fame, please review the guidelines and email completed submissions to pioneersaward@obap.org.

Shot of Hall of Fame from 2015 convention

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2016 Inductees

Captain Raymond Dothard
Captain Simon Patrick Gaskill
Captain Oscar Perry
Captain William C. Rand 
Captain J. Georges Sulmers
Benjamin Franklin Thomas

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2015 Inductees

Sheila L. Chamberlain
Lieutenant General Russell “Russ” Davis, (ret.)
Major General Stayce Harris
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Jefferson, (ret.)
Lieutenant Colonel Tony Marshall, (ret.)

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees 

Captain Clovis Jones
Mamie Mallory
Captain Roscoe Edwards
Captain Anthony Copeland-Parker
Brigadier General Leon Johnson

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees

Captain Calvin Janes (ret.)
Captain Donnie Cochran (ret.)
Julius Alexander

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2012 Inductees

Captain Edward Horne
Captain Leslie Morris (ret.)
Captain/DOTA Robert Ashby (ret.)
Eleanor Williams
Captain Cecil Ewell (ret.)

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees

Lieutenant Colonel Edgar V. Lewis (ret.)
Captain Robert Brown (ret.)
Captain Aaron J. Gould (ret.)
Captain Larry Parker
Dr. Daniel Coons 

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees

Captain Carroll Waters
Al Joseph
James Perkins
Captain Chuck Rich
Captain Lou Freeman
Captain Mike Swanigan

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2009 Inductees

Louise Greenwood Phipps
Pat Edmidston Banks
Barbara Stewart
Diane Hunter
Earnie Growe

OBAP Founders and Pioneers Hall of Fame 2008 Inductees

Alexander Lambert
August Martin
Barry Taylor
Benjamin F. Thomas
Bennie Clay
Bessie Coleman
Charles E. Black
Charles A. Davis
Charles S. Mack
David E. Harris
Don E. Barton
Edward Moon
Frank B. Jones
Frederick O. Boone
George W. Nixon
Harold C. Heard Jr.
Herman O. Samuels

Howard L. Baugh
Jack Noel

James A. Brannen
James L. Davis Sr.
James Edwards

James H. Green
James E. Lee III
Jill Brown

Jim E. Betts
John Gordon
Joseph B. Moore
Louis Freeman
Marlon Green
Oscar Perry

Patricia Edmiston Banks
Perry Young
Pickney Mosely Jr.
Ray and Patrice Washington
R. Ricardo Youngblood
Richard E. Roundtree
Robert Asby

Robert E. Smith
Ruth Carol Taylor
Sidney L. Clark Jr.
Simon P. Gaskill
Solomon Cates
Stanley M. Brown
The Tuskegee Airmen
Vernice Armour
Willia R. Norwood
William Brown
William C. Rand
Willis N. Brown Jr.