Joining OBAP means so much more than membership within an organization: you are becoming a part of one of the largest and most active aviation and aerospace communities dedicated to increased diversity and inclusion. 

OBAP Membership Benefits Include:

  • Recruitment and career placement opportunities in all segments of the aviation and aerospace industries
  • Networking at annual conferences, career fairs and chapter events
  • Aerospace Professional News annual publication and PIREP quarterly publication highlighting industry-related news
  • Mentor and mentoring opportunities promoted through member site
  • Volunteer opportunities within your community and during OBAP’s national events.
  • Scholarship opportunities to support training and career advancement for high school, college and aviation professionals.

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Membership dues are reviewed periodically. Honorary members, as approved by OBAP’s Board of Directors and ACE members pay no dues. OBAP’s Board of Directors meets four times yearly, or as necessary. The entire membership meets twice annually at a spring general meeting and the annual convention. Membership fees are non-refundable.