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Aerospace Professionals in School (APIS) was established to introduce the limitless opportunities available through careers in aerospace and aviation to youth beginning at an early age.

APIS curriculum has been designed to peak the interest of children, ages 6 - 10, through elementary science clubs and career days. Middle school-aged youth receive broader education and more in depth exposure through career fairs, speaking engagements organized at the community-level and opportunities to participate in OBAP’s ACE Academy.

Once in high school, the curriculum enables OBAP members to serve as mentors and guide the decision-making process for young adults considering the best higher education opportunities and available scholarships to properly prepare for a career in aviation. Coined “Boys to Men” and “Girls to Women,” the extracurricular programs seek to provide high school students with decision-making skills, conflict and time management.

Pilot speaking to large group of students

APIS has empowered more than 500 aviation professionals, all OBAP members, holding positions including commercial pilots, aircraft maintenance and flight dispatchers to engage more than 500,000 students at every academic level since 1992.

Additionally, OBAP has provided unwavering support to strategic partner programs, like Life Skills, positioned nationwide and motivated to further provide youth with exposure and tools to guide them professionally.

OBAP furthers its investment in school systems nationwide through strategic partnerships with carriers and corporate entities. In 2013, Wooddale High School in Memphis was outfitted with a National Flight Academy (NFA) Aviation Classroom Experience through contributions from OBAP, TEQGames and FedEx Express. In early 2015, OBAP and FedEx Express again partnered to donate a Boeing 727 engine to Ben C. Rain High School’s Aviation and Aerospace Academy in Mobile, Alabama.

These established aviation-related facilities and motivated faculty at each school help to further OBAP’s commitment to exposing promising students to opportunities in aerospace.